In 1984, Valeria, who has worked for one of the ESP laboratories, which works on investigating parapsychological phenomena in Soviet Union, comes to Turkey by invitation of her ex-lover for the purpose of making a research related to a woman known as "Nazife the Possessed". Working in the village Nalbant, in Azdavay, Kastamonu. Carrying on her research, Valeria suddenly vanishes without a trace. The villagers find Nazife paralyzed and Nazim stark raving mad. Due to her little daughter's disease, Ceyda decides to deliver her second child naturally without medicate methods. With her family, she comes to the village house which her grandmother left 30 years ago. In pains of labor, secrets of the past will be revealed.

Director: Ozkan Aksular

Writer: Ozkan Aksular

Actors: Emre Akin, Özer Arslan, Murat Bulent Atacan, Balim Gaye Bayrak

Production: N/A