Ambi is a meek lawyer, who wishes to change the society. But, because of his oft-repeated concern, people don't take him seriously. Besides, Nandini, the girl whom he loves, also rejects her because of this. This makes Ambi shattered, not before he encounters a website, visiting which creates an alter ego inside Ambi's mind. For the girl he loves, he becomes a supermodel named Remo, and for the entire nation, to reform it, he becomes a vigilante named Aparichit, who not only teaches people the importance of following the rules, but also punishes them if they don't follow.

Director: S. Shankar

Writer: Gopal Ram (hindi dialogue), S. Shankar (screenplay), S. Shankar (story), S. Shankar, Sujatha (dialogue)

Actors: Vikram, Sada, Prakash Raj, Vivek

Production: N/A